Panel Upgrade Services

Georgetown Panel Upgrade Services

The electrical system in your home or business serves as the circulatory system of your property’s electricity. Just as the heart regulates blood pumping throughout the body, your electrical panel regulates the electricity coursing through your property. When too much electricity is demanded on a circuit, the electrical panel breaker will trip. This stops the electrical panel from overloading the wiring and prevents fire and smoke damage. It is imperative your electrical panel is functioning properly at all times so that your family and employees remain safe at all times. If you have noticed cracking sounds from the breaker box panel or corrosion on the breaker switches, you may need to replace your electrical panel.

In addition we encourage you to replace your electrical panel if the following are are the case on your property: the interior of your breaker box feels warm, your appliances run at less than full power, your property has two-pronged outlets, your property has non GFCI outlets near water sources, your property has 60-amp electrical service, your home has 100-amp electrical service, or your property has a fuse block panel. For professional panel upgrades in Georgetown or the surrounding areas, contact Skilliez Electric.