Outlets & Switches

Georgetown Outlets & Switches

Have you noticed cracking sounds or flickering lights when you turn on a switch? Do plugs easily fall out of outlets on your property? Have you noticed burn marks on your outlets? Do your outlets feel warm to the touch? When you plug in an appliance, do you notice blue sparks? If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned issues, it may be time to repair or replace your outlets or switches. In addition, if the wiring on your property is old, we advise you to upgrade your switches and outlets sooner rather than later.

For professional electrical contracting services in Georgetown or the surrounding areas, contact Skilliez Electric to Schedule a Service. Our electricians will arrive on time, well-equipped to repair or replace your outlets or switches. Broken outlets and switches will prevent you from using electricity and may pose numerous threats to your safety. In order for your home or business to function properly, it is vital that your outlets and switches operate efficiently at all times. Our qualified electricians have the skill set and resources necessary to ensure every aspect of your electrical system runs smoothly all year long.