Why you should use a Georgetown electrical contractor instead of doing-it-yourself.

Why you should use a Georgetown electrical contractor instead of doing-it-yourself.

Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “It’s just a matter of stringing a few wires from here to there!” But, then, that’s where the best of intentions can go seriously sideways.

Hopefully, the ongoing do-it-yourself craze (DIY) in home remodeling stops at the electrical panel, or adding new circuits to the home or garage: For sure, an experienced electrician should be called in to make sure any updates are done right and according to code.

For one thing, a licensed electrician is familiar with the permit process, whether he’s taking them out for new construction, or upgrading a homeowner’s panel from 100 to 200 amp service.

In the case of running wire, say, across a sheet-rocked garage ceiling, the homeowner may not understand the need for …


Does the homeowner know why kind of conduit, fittings and terminal boxes he should be using, for example, if he’s hooking up new receptacles in his shop—exposed wiring running across a shop or garage ceiling presents a host of unsafe situations…not to mention  electrical code violations.

And think of the questions that will be asked by a prospective buyer when he looks at the numerous DIY electrical jobs you completed on your own: “Did you get the right permits to do all of this?” they may ask. Ouch!!

Upgrading the panel…

Today’s 200-amp panel installations most definitely require the expertise of a Georgetown Electrical contractor. Skilliez Electric knows how to buy the best material and reasonable prices to make sure your upgraded electrical panel meets all the codes and regulations. Plus, they handle all the logistics of coordinating with the power company to make sure the power to your home is disconnected properly while we complete your installation.

Contact us for an estimate on your remodel, new construction or even those seemingly too-small-to-bother-us-with electrical improvements.